I'm a Data Engineer @MBRDNA working on Big Data for Automotive and a former Software Architect @IBM. I live in Silicon Valley but am originally from Berlin. My passion is building cool stuff and I love the open source space.


I did a lot of work in the field of native apps with corresponding backend services mainly written in Swift and Java. Lately, I've been involved in Container technologies and DevOps toolchains to increase developer efficiency. In my current role, I get to apply this knowledge in the field of big data processing :+1:.


It started with my master's thesis on Blockchain applications for a specific supply chain use case and ever since I'm involved in various endeavours regarding the useful application of the technology. I developed smart contracts on the Ethereum platform and also worked on Chaincode for a Hyperledger application.

Open Source

I'm involved in various open source projects, such as Bash-Snippets or CVCalendar and published some of my own like GAppAuth, qrgo, kubectl-view-secret or crypto-trader.

Previous Work

I've been working in many industries and with various clients, like SDA SE, Signal Iduna, REWE and on several internal company projects.


I graduated with a M.Sc. from the Karlsruhe Instite of Technology (KIT) in Germany.


If you're interested in my professional and educational history, you can take a look at my resumé here.

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